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If you are living in Birmingham and looking for love, then this could be the website you have been looking for. We have hundreds of people from across the cities that are signing up looking for that special someone to meet up with for love and romance. “For me, this website is just to help me to meet new people. I love women and have been lonely since I split up with my wife. I am not looking for anything to serious to start. I would just like someone to spend my time with. They do not have to be rich as I have money. I would just like to meet someone who I can take out for meals and go on holiday with. I would like to travel and see the world and would like to do it with someone who I enjoy spending time with. If you feel the same way, then this site is perfect for you. This letter was written to us from a gentleman from Birmingham who was seeking love.

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This man wrote back a few months later with this letter. We wanted to share this with all the people who are over fifty in Birmingham who are seeking love and romance to let them know that there is hope and may people find what they are looking for on this website every day. “I sent a letter to this site a few months ago saying that I lived in Birmingham and that I was seeking a lady to meet up with for company. I can say that this is the best dating site I have ever used. It was straightforward and easy to sign up to this site. It didn’t cost a penny, and it was clear that there were hundreds of genuine ladies on this site who were looking for love. I met up with this one lady called Denise who said that she read my profile and was looking for the same thing as me. I have been taking her on little trips away and wining and dining her. She loves it, and she is a beautiful lady. We are both so happy, and neither of us would have met if it was not for this website, so I wanted to write in and say a massive thank you. Feel free to put this letter on your website to show other people who were in the same situation as me that it is still possible to find love over fifty in Birmingham.

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